She Cries Wolf X Heists X Blood Knuckles X Forsaker [Gig Report]

Headliner: She Cries Wolf

Supports: Heists, Blood Knuckles, Forsaker, Old Town

Date: 1st June 

Venue: Crowbar Bris, Brisbane

Presented By: Black Sun Presents

She Cries Wolf have been rampaging around Australia with Sydney crew, Heists, on the back of their latest album release, "Liar". They rounded off the tour in their home town of Brisbane which culminated in a sold out show at Crowbar in the depths of Fortitude Valley. 

Oldtown, Forsaker and Blood Knuckles were here for the ride and to put on a night of great entertainment.

Unfortunately, due to personal commitments I missed Oldtown opening things up, but they had patrons buzzing as I queried their performance on my arrival. If you’ve listened to, or seen them before, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A cigarette, ID check and descent downstairs later, the night was on.

- Forsaker -

Hailing from Sydney, one of NSW’s heaviest local outfits would be a part of the evening’s festivities in Forsaker, who brought a barrage of brutality unseen at Crowbar for quite some time.

Immediately, the most noticeable thing about these boys is the absolute raw power that vocalist, Brodie Servin, possesses. A disgusting guttural introduced us to the set as the rest of the band dipped, chugged and headbanged their way through an enjoyable series of songs that displayed promise for the band’s future. In saying that, sometimes the action on stage felt a bit too choreographed, with each open note, breakdown and two step section being accompanied by perfectly synchronized moves that we’ve all seen a thousand times before.

Thankfully, this allowed Brodie to once again stand out with a very commanding presence that garnered a strong response from Brisbane patrons and also had them responsive to ‘bringing the ruckus’ with each and every pit call that would usually get followed by audible ‘WOOOO’s’ between notes. The band was in their finest form playing their debut single – ‘Rotten Mind’ – feeding off people in the front row yelling back at them.

It was great to see these guys play here, as Queenslanders tend to have an affinity for all things irresponsibly heavy, Forsaker whet the appetite for the mosh hungry animals of Brisbane to lead us into Blood Knuckle’s performance next (right after a cigarette upstairs of course).

Catch Forsaker supporting Rings of Saturn in Sydney June 22nd

- Blood Knuckles -

Another band formed from just south of our QLD border, Blood Knuckles might harbour some recognizable faces if you are familiar with an old metalcore band named Seabound or remember Stepson’s original lineup.

Then guitarist, now vocalist Nick Farr has taken to the duties of solely being a front man and by god, he’s really good at it. The remainder of the band cannot be faulted for anything, providing great backup vocals from their guitarists, which bassist Jayden Ridley would be well accustomed to by now. Continuing the trend of standout vocal performances, Farr brought out some insane Architects-level vocals that would have had even Sam Carter raising his eyebrows.

The crowd size seemed to have dwindled a little bit at this point, but the response remained positive and very energetic for those who remained inside Crowbar. Their choruses had me smiling and bopping along to some very catchy hooks and the set showed consistent diversity and ensured this was an enjoyable time from start to finish. Blood Knuckles are a very fun band worth getting behind at this point. Smoko time.

- Heists -

Crowbar was really starting to fill out at this point, some of the patrons that had been upstairs drinking for most of the night had made their way downstairs and tickets on the door were starting to get awful close to being completely exhausted, as was I after a very long day.

I came into this not knowing who Heists were outside of She Cries Wolf’s main support for this tour package and was pleasantly surprised by the set I was able to witness. They brought an electric energy to the show, making them perfectly suited for this tour support slot with a group like SCW, and had really placed themselves above the bands that played before them.

Whilst the music itself wasn’t quite my cup of tea, I was still able to enjoy their set as Heists proficiently played their instruments and worked the crowd perfectly. Part of me thinks the lack of interest in the music was circumstantial to my extreme fatigue at this point of the night, as I found their songs easier to digest in a recorded setting (shout out to their banger from late last year, ‘Defeated’ and can definitely recommend giving this guys a scope when you have the time. They’d probably be my only reason to want to visit Sydney at any time as I feel a hometown show featuring Heists would be mighty enjoyable.

Obligatory intermission cigarette, ID check, trek downstairs, enter headliner.

- She Cries Wolf -

Brisbane’s own She Cries Wolf brought their album, "Liar", into the world a few months ago, and we were the last ones to get a taste of these fresh tunes on the tour and the wait was absolutely worth it. There is such an undeniable chemistry that this band has and such a strong connection with their hometown crowd that SCW shows up here are impossible not to enjoy.

Everyone was moving around the stage from the get go, guitarist, Daniel Belic, seemingly felt too confined by Crowbar’s space and took to an early crowdsurf to get his adrenaline pumping. As discussed in our interview (with Luke Harriss ) recently, this was the "Liar" tour and the band’s setlist would reflect as such. In saying that, old crowd favourite, ‘Baal’, was able to sneak its way in and turn the place into complete chaos. Oh for it to be a packed 2015 She Cries Wolf show at The Lab again, those were the days.

As was a set goal by the band in the lead up to this event, tickets sold out and a celebratory round of shots were consumed on stage. Please note, there were two attempts at this as Luke knocked over the first round amidst all the excitement, it was a true cause for celebration and smiles indeed.

All of their new songs sounded fantastic, which can absolutely be accredited to the high level of sound quality that Crowbar has become accustomed to providing. One of the album’s lead singles, ‘Magdalene’ sounded fantastic and only required minimum assistance from a backing track during Ahren Stringer’s feature spot, as Luke really got to show off how good of a vocalist he is through this section. This, alongside another favourite of mine in ‘Love Trader’ were standouts for me and allowed the band to exceed any and all expectations.

It had been a little while since She Cries Wolf had done a run around the country, and if their Brisbane show was anything to go by, the "Liar" tour was a big fat reminder that they are still around and ready to kick ass when the time calls for it. If you missed them on this run, do yourself a favour and follow them on social media (as well as all other bands) to keep up to date and catch them next time. Long live SCW.

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