Rings Of Saturn X Hollow World X Eternal Rest X Blade Of Horus @ The Cambridge Hotel [Gig Report]

Headliner: Rings Of Saturn

Supports: Hollow World, Eternal Rest, Blade Of Horus

Date: 21st June

Venue: The Cambridge Hotel

Presented By: Destroy All Lines

As I arrived at The Cambridge Hotel for a night that I’ve been so excited to attend for years now; Rings of Saturn’s first Australian tour. I knew they would have some really talented support bands on the bill and this was my first show in a few weeks so I was extra keen to get there early..

- Blade of Horus -

The first band to take the stage blew me away completely. Unfortunately as it was so early on in the night Blade of Horus didn’t have as much of a crowd as the other bands, but everyone there was enjoying what they had to offer. Phoone (Vocalist) had some of the most insane growls that I honestly never expected to hear and the way he moved around the stage was more than fitting. I’ll definitely be following this band closely because they ended up being my favourite support for the night.

- Eternal Rest -

In between sets a lot more people had rocked up and I was more than eager to see how this band planned to blow me away. Eternal Rest brought so much energy to the crowd with such strong vocals creating a very clean sound. They got everyone moving around more and more, all of the motion and swaying was was impressive considering how small the stage was, this definitely made them very fun to watch. They brought such good vibes to the night and again, they're a band to look out for; I’m excited to see what comes next for these guys.

- Hollow World -

Hollow World was the last support band to take the Cambos stage, I was excited to see how they would live up to their studio recordings, They did this extremely well. From the moment they started playing you instantly were bombarded with windmilling hair and lots pitting. Hollow World's riffs were fun to follow and the vocals progressively got more fierce. I felt like the crowd went insane for these guys. Even nearing the end of the set, the vocalist still had a lot of energy and was even screaming his lyrics from the barrier.

- Rings of Saturn -

I’ve been waiting for when these very talented musicians would hit our shores ever since I got my dad to buy me a wall flag and cd when I was fifteen. My excitement couldn’t be contained, their first ever Australian shows when five years and I was here. I knew this band would blow me away but I have never had a band blow me away like this. They are absolutely insane and I was so lucky to see them from on the barrier. Every member is such a blessing to see up so close and watch them get so much out of their instruments and voice. The intensity of the insane solos had the crowd going absolutely insane.

When 'Abducted' was played it was my highlight for the night. I walked back to my car wishing I could hear them play for just ten more seconds. They most definitely live up to the expectations I had for this night from years ago.

#BladeOfHorus #EternalRest #HollowWorld #RingsOfSaturn

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