Born Of Osiris X Chelsea Grin X Diamond Construct X Above, Below @ CROWBAR SYDNEY [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Born of Osiris x Chelsea grin

Supports: Above, Below and Diamond Construct

Date: 24/06/2019

Venue: Crowbar Sydney

Photos: Samantha Quintal

- Above, Below -

In all honesty, I haven’t heard much from Above, Below – but I was pleasantly surprised. I was overcome by such a high energy opener. With almost very little to no crowd interaction, It was very hard to get a grasp of the bands personality and vibe. What I did feel was high energy and strong vocals, the band have so much potential to put on a killer show if they just added that little bit of interaction.

Above, Below vocalist Jacob Wilkes has a powerful range behind him, delivering stunning vocals throughout the whole set. 'Beyond the Mosaic Garden' is a favourite for me, but after seeing the guys live I’ve really found myself jamming out to more tracks from the band. All in all, I’ve jumped on the Above, Below band wagon and I can honestly say I’m loving it.

- Diamond Construct -

Again, this is my first experience with the band and wow, was I shocked with the turn out! Its not often a support band is as highly anticipated as Diamond Construct. The show was amazing, the set was flawless and everyone being in perfect timing truly topped it off.

Frontman Kynan Groundwater displayed some phenomenal vocals and kept the energy present all the way throughout their set time. Crowd interaction was there and might I say It was an experience and first impression to not forget. You do not want to miss these guys play, I would highly recommend seeing them at a show.

- Chelsea Grin -

Chelsea Grin, personally one of my favourite bands. I was soulfully and entirely submerged in nothing but their excellence. To perform a whole set, perfectly pitched was astonishing, frontman Tom oozing with excitement.

I want to put a special focus on the bands drummer, Pablo Viveros. Its been a long time since I’ve been to a show where the drummer stands out brighter than any other musician on stage. Everyone in the band has such high energy and great personality’s. Tom Barber never fails to please – his stage presence is captivating and just flows with the music and truly shows how much he loves what he does.

The Salt Lake City Deathcore kings had the band room in Sydneys Crowbar packed to the brim, with everyone off their feet. The I was dying to hear was 'Hostage' and I can truly say it was an experience to finally hear that song live. Tom had everyone in that room in the palm of his hand from the first song to the last breakdown. Super glad I can finally check seeing this band off my bucket list.

- Born of Osiris -

I noticed straight away that they had a fill in drummer, Aaron Stechauner (ex-Ring Of Saturn). Aaron displayed absolutely unbelievable talent on the night and it really showed through his performance that he loves what he does. All in all, the boys from Cali’ really looked like they were purely just up there enjoying themselves – which personally is what I come to shows to see. Again, an absolutely remarkable performance by Born Of Osiris.

I feel very much unworthy to be writing this review. Born of Osiris well and truly finished off the night blowing everyone away. With the highest level of crowd interaction, you definitely did miss out if you didn’t see them on this tour.

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