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Last month we caught up with Talakai the new king of Newcastle, about going from the city to city packing out venues, the ever-changing hip-hop scene and most lastly, welcoming in the next phase of his very own Talaseason.

This shouldn't be the first time you've heard the name Talakai but if it is, get educated real quick below!

What does the Hip-Hop scene mean to you?

For me, it’s a retreat where I can free up the ugly shit in my mind, and the voice I need to get out. I love it as well, because the hip-hop scene keeps my level of competitiveness at a high because of the quality of music coming out of the country at the moment.

You've been kinda quiet for a little while now, what's been cooking?

Sort of, I’ve been dropping little singles here and there since "Heatwave". It’s hard to keep up with writing/releasing while playing a heap of shows. I’ve got a whole arsenal of heat & hard truths coming though.

You played a few huge stages last year with some solid up and comers, who should we be keeping an eye out for?

Jasper The Ghost from the OD clan and Beyond from Perth aswell. Jye Simpson from Melbourne. There’s a few more, but they’re some notables.

Can you take us behind the scenes of your latest Music video 'Me You Them Us' where did it come from and what does it mean?

As a musician, I’m sure a lot before me or similar to me can relate, the more successful you get the more friends/associates change how they act towards you, or people just make up rumours and talk about you because you’re a topic now. And I notice all of that kind of stuff, the snide remarks, the people who show up when it’s convenient, so I thought I’d address it in a subtle, catchy but confronting way, a sort of a ‘you’re with me or against me’ message I guess.

I really enjoyed the video concept, is that Newcastle Interchange in the opening shot?

We tried to keep it simple to keep the message as bold as possible, Jayden really nails my videos. Shout the homie. It’s on the new tram line they’ve just opened up. I was on tour when they opened & I hadn’t been on it yet so we documented my first ride on it.

It's pretty easy to see but you've gone for a different vibe in this track, how long have you been sitting on it for?

I’ve been sitting on this song for about a year now I think. Maybe longer..

You had a solid 'Bars Of Steel' a few weeks back via Triple J, whats it like being in the JJJ studio? What's it like being 1 on 1 with Hauie?

Appreciate that homie! I was hosted by Eryka Boadu and she was dope. But I chat to Hauie all the time. Being one on one with him is always a nice encounter, he likes to pick peoples brains to see how they’re coming along/what’s new etc and always offers his own professional opinion, big up Hauie the OG.

Do you feel more confident when you rely on yourself or do you like being part of a cypher / collaboration?

I definitely feel more confident solo i think, in cyphers I overthink my bars and sometimes choke haha. Forgetting lines or having mental blanks is like my super power, embrace the flaws homie. Are you featuring in any new tracks this year? What's next for Tala I am, I’ve got a whole folder full of features. Talaseason is just getting started, I’m hoping to get an EP out this year aswell, so stay tuned for that.


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