Disentomb X Whoretopsy X Resist The Thought X Alchemy @ Crowbar Sydney [Gig Report]

Headliner: Disentomb

Supports: Alchemy, Resist The Thought and Whoretopsy

Date: 20/07/2019

Venue: Crowbar Sydney

- Alchemy -

Alchemy opened a killer night full of blastbeats and breakdowns last Saturday at Crowbar. I haven’t really heard much from the band since before tonight. Playing alongside Disentomb, Whorestopsy and Resist the Thought would have been an absolute dream come true for them – and that It was well deserved. What truly impressed me is that the opening band managed to pull in the crowd and keep them there, which isn’t always easy to do. It made for a great first impression of the band and what they have to offer. It was a good introduction to a great show and truly set the tone for the rest of the night. Sound was good, stage presence was prominent and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for these guys.

- Resist The Thought -

Our lords of deathcore have yet again put on a phenomenal show. I don’t think there was a single person in that band room that wasn’t having a good time when these boys stepped up on stage. What I love about seeing Resist play, is the energy they put into every performance. Having seen them play on multiple occasions I can vouch for their consistency – you’ve got to have a genuine passion for what you do to bring the same level of energy to the stage. With that being said, they also had a good balance between old and new tracks, even sneaking in a teaser from their new EP. Playing a new track called 'Planet Pollution' – it consisted of old Resist elements with a twist of a fresh new sound. Props to Rhys Gilies for again holding the show so wellIf you haven’t seen RTT play yet ..what are you doing?

- Whoretopsy -

All in all, if you didn’t get a ticket to this show you truly missed out. This line up just kept getting better and better. Whoretopsy brought out a storm. Its not often that a support band is so highly anticipated. The crowd was so completely overcome in the performance, limbs flailing around for all of Leichhardt to see. I honestly don’t think a single person had a bad time. The sound was great and vocals were stunning and considering I haven’t seen this band play live before, I’m eager to check out one of their shows again.

- Disentomb -

The moment we'd been waiting for, the past 3 bands all leading up to this, breakdown bliss. Disentomb was definitely a band you didn’t want to miss. So much force and intensity in such a unique environment. Just like all other bands that played on Saturday, sound production was crystal clear, (shout-out to Crowbars sound too!) everything was clean, sharp and sounded exactly like recordings. The Australian death metal band well and truly had everyone in the palm of their hands, giving Crowbar Sydney an experience to never forget.

#Disentomb #Whoretopsy #ResistTheThought #Alchemy

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