The Brave X Pridelands X Mirrors X Isotopes @ The Factory Theatre [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: The Brave

Supports: Pridelands X Mirrors X Isotopes

Date: 16/08/2019

Venue: The Factory Theatre

Photos: Nathenial Burns + Max Koch {Isotopes Gallery}

- Isotopes -

I’ve heard of Isotopes in the past and I was quite excited to get my first glimpse of the band live. With this being my first encounter seeing them, I was hopeful that there would be a bit more liveliness and energy from their live show, which was unfortunately hampered by sound difficulties I definitely feel as though a better lighting set up could take Isotopes performance up a few notches. Despite being openers, it never hurts to unexpectedly step up your game and REALLY kick off a gig. The band played some of their older fan favourites and the crowd oozed with energy. I’m pleased to say that I saw them, but in all honestly I don't know if I'd buy a ticket to see them at this venue again.

- Mirrors -

Now this band from Melbourne put on an absolutely KILLER performance, I'm not sure if theyve played Sydney beofre but wow, I can't wait until they do again. Mirrors absolutely stole the show in my opinion and I really feel they should have at least played before the headliner, they truly deserved that recognition. It was a perfectly melodic mix of harmony and heavy and you can truly see in the details that lots of love and passion was put into this performance. Again I haven’t heard much from Mirrors, and this was actually my first encounter! Everything was so satisfyingly synchronised, the lighting was amazing and the performance was executed amazingly. Seriously, if you’re into Northlane and/or Polaris and looking for something fresh, Mirrors is your band.

- Pridelands -

Up next was Pridelands. Opening strong but just not holding a crowd like Mirrors did. The Energy was present but seemed somewhat messy, almost like they’re was way too much going on. Ill be honest, I'm a sucker for a breakdown “in sync” head bang and I love the bands enthusiasm but I feel like they need to work on stage presence a little more. The set they played on the night was good – there were a few obvious moments where the drummer fell off beat and messed up the tempo a bit, but there was quick recovery and I’m sure 90% of people didn’t notice. Between the two vocalists, the harmonies performed were beautiful and the band overall has great talent – I just wish it was a little more cleans.

- The Brave -

Time for The Brave, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't well anticipated – The crowd turn out was impressive. Although given that there was so much hype for them as the headliner, I feel as if they could have been more effort put into the initial stage production and placement, the banner was cool although I wish there was more interaction from the band to the crowd, but with that aside it was a well executed performance. From where I was standing it looked like everyone was having an amazing time and that’s what matters most to me. I did enjoy hearing a few tracks off their recently released album "Aura".

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