Eat Your Heart Out X Towns X Reside X Resident @ The Cambridge [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: Eat Your Heart Out

Supports: Towns, Reside, Resident

Date: 6th September 2019

Venue: The Cambridge

Presented By: 123 Agency + 27Music

Photos: Byron Hall

After what was an unexpectedly windy two hours drive, I arrived at The Cambridge just in time for what felt like the tenth time this year to see one of my favourite bands around, as well as the very talented supports that were unbeknownst to me but were more than ready to blow me away. I’ve watched Eat Your Heart Out’s set quite a fair bit in the last couple of years. I could never see them live too many times though, This time was special as it was a hometown show for their newly released album "Florescence".

- Resident -

The first support was a local band from here in Newcastle called Resident. I hadn’t heard of them before I saw them that they were supporting Eat Your Heart Out but I wish I listened to them sooner. They were very loud and opened up the crowd, beginning the night with a bang. With lots of movement from start to finish I found myself absolutely loving the riffs, energy and strong vocals. They played tracks from their debut EP "Pave Way" and we were also fortunate enough to hear a couple unreleased tracks! I’m more than sure that I’ll be seeing this band around in the coming years and I’m keen to see where they’re heading. These guys gave us a great start to what would turn into a great night.

- Reside -

As soon as I saw front man Liam Guinane step on stage in what was the best suit I’d ever seen, I knew were were in for something special. Our second support for the night, Reside, an Alternative Rock band from Melbourne. I had heard of Reside for a little while so I was pretty excited to see them finally. They gave us so much energy and made the absolute most out of the small stage with Liam doing super high kicks and the guitarists moving and interacting with eat other, so much movement. I absolutely love the sounds this band are able to produce from the heavy vocals, to the lyrical content it just feels perfect. They played a song for the first time live and gave us the pleasure of hearing tracks off their latest EP "The Light That You Saw". My favourite part of the set was hearing 'The Light That I Found' as well as seeing a couple mic grabs.

- Towns -

TOWNS from South Australia were our last support for the night. I also hadn’t heard of these guys before but I’m definitely kicking myself for that, they were great. After starting their set with the theme of that 70’s Show I knew it was going to be an absolutely awesome time and judging by everyone’s reaction, the crowd were thinking the same thing. They went on to serenade us with more covers of some of my favourite TV shows including Friends, Malcolm In The Middle, The OC and Daria which was something I never knew I needed. The crowd were loving every bit of it and I was blown away by the awesome music and vibes that just two people could produce. Their own songs felt just as great as the covers especially recently released 'Safe To Stay', I’m more than excited to see these guys again as soon as possible.

- Eat Your Heart Out -

Eat Your Heart Out are somehow able to blow me away every time I’ve seen them, they just keep getting better and better . As even more people turned up to their home town show the venue felt pretty packed and it was so good to see that. Starting off their set strong with the whole crowd cheering as front-woman Caitlin Henry stepped on the stage. Two songs in the intro riff to 'Blinded' rang out as the band played it live for the first time. She gave the crowd so much of her energy, much more than the previous times I had seen them. Stepping up their game just that little bit more since the release of their debut album "Florescence", which I didn’t think was possible.

'Conscious' is always my favourite song to hear live, this was no exception with the front row copping mic grabs throughout Patricks' verse. The 5 piece went on to play us plenty of old songs as well as new, making in my opinion the best set list they could have. Every single note Caitlin hit sounded so perfect, some songs sounding even better than on the album. After playing a heartfelt 'Pear Tree' with just Caitlin and Will Moore (guitarist) the rest of the band jumped back on stage to end their set as strong as they started, with 'Closer To The Sun'. I’ll definitely continue to catch this group of lovely people as much as I can and I’m so excited to see what the world has installed for each and every member.

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