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I took the opportunity to catch up with Newcastle Upon Tyne [UK] Pop Punk/Rock band Nomad Anthem before their set at Riverside. Doogy, Mat and Wig are the three guys in this newly formed band, assembled in the April of 2019, they have released two singles, the first being 'Endeavour', a seriously catchy tune with a chorus that will have you singing along to in no time. Their second single, set for release on the 13.09.2019 called 'Heartstrings' which is just as good as their debut in every sense. They are currently gigging locally, building up a secure fanbase with their California punk scene of the 90’s inspired songs. I had a few questions for them, so lets see what they had to say.

// Who or what inspires you to make music? //

DOOGY: Ooh that’s a tough question…. (at Mat, you want to go first?)

MAT : I suppose for me, I learned drums at school and left school and wasn’t in a band or anything. Went to university in another city, didn’t play but had the knowledge and Bob (Doogy) went to school with my brother (you probably can’t tell but he’s older than I am) and at the time he was looking for a drummer for a covers band.

DOOGY : Are you trying to say I inspire you to write music?

MAT: Well you got me back on the horse, definitely. I jumped at the chance to play, Bob is a talented songwriter and wanted someone to back him up with his own music and I felt ready. In terms of influences, we are both into green day and foo fighters, that kind of 90’s rock, punk rock scene that we grew up on.

DOOGY: People like who we are supporting today, Ben Catly. He is a touring musician he has played in maybe a dozen countries this year. He’s a friend of mine and is always that level above me so that inspires me to better myself with regards to my projects.

What has been your favourite venue to play so far?

DOOGY & MAT: We love the barrels in Berwick, loads of music paraphernalia all over the walls etc, and we play downstairs in the basement. The place has real character and the crowd are always really receptive and the landlady keeps asking us back so we must be doing something right. One of the things we have learned is that you have to get out of your city and go further afield and branch out.

MAT: You build relationships and get those gig shares where someone will come play with you and then you manage to get a gig in their neck of the woods too and just spread the word organically which is great.

// What is the origin of your bands name? //

MAT: Ooh well we really liked the name Nomad as we have been about a bit. But we looked into it and found that there was another band with that name but we couldn’t shake it and looking at the bands we liked, that sort of punk pop scene and the idea of the anthems they were known for and the name Nomad Anthem just fit.

DOOGY: We did have a lot of other names before settling on this one haha.

// If you could change one thing about the scene, what would it be? //

DOOGY: The internet haha You get turned down gigs because you don’t have followers but you can’t get followers if you can’t get gigs.

MAT: The perception of the music scene in the north of England. The North and Scotland seem to do its own thing but the further south you go, it gets more difficult to kind of break into it. It’s like you have to be an online sensation before you can get a look in.

// What advice would you have for new bands? //

MAT: Make what you want to make, don’t bend to others pressure. If you know how you want to sound, even if only one person enjoys it, you will find that person and they will spread the word. Don’t get into it because you want to be famous. Do it because you want to do it, do it because you enjoy doing it and you’ve got two or more people who you enjoy spending six or more hours with.

WIG: Buy instruments you can afford.

DOOGY: Yes, work within your means.

// How important is it as a newly formed band to network with other bands? //

DOOGY: It’s really important to get in sync with everybody else that’s doing similar things to us, try to connect with others.

MAT: You build that network and if someone goes to see a band you are supporting, that opens your music up to new people. Playing further afield helps you network with other bands and the fan base of those bands.

DOOGY: We were really lucky with the Central Bar gig (Aug 3rd 2019) our first gig as I have been good friends with Michael Jax (Death To Indie) over the years and we kept in touch and that first gig came together with Filthy Filthy which was great.

// Can you let us know of any future gigs in the works? //

September 21st 2019 At the Doncaster (UK) VW festival.

November 10th 2019 we are at Trillians in Newcastle (UK) . free entry and there are four bands playing including Nomad Anthem.

November 17th 2019 Surf Café in Tynemouth, North Shields (uk)

Noman Anthems latest single ‘Heartstrings’ is due for release on the 13th of September 2019 and having been lucky enough to get to listen to it I have to say it does not disappoint at all. Upbeat, sing along chorus with great harmonies that will have audiences dancing away whether in a bar or at home or in the car. These guys, Doogy, Mat and Wig are definitely a band worth following. Not only are they an absolutely lovely bunch, they know how to write crowd pleasing songs and I personally can’t wait to hear more from them.



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