John Floreani X Nancie Schipper X Jack Botts @ The Cambridge [GIG REPORT]

Headliner: John Floreani

Supports: Nancie Schipper, Jack Botts

Date: 21st September 2019

Venue: The Cambridge

Photos: Byron Hall

I arrived at The Cambridge for the second time in as many days to what was a very different vibe than the night before. Beaming with excitement that I could barely contain for the amazing night that was to come. Seeing support acts that are unknown to me is always very interesting, tonight was no exception. Jack Botts and Nancie Schipper, were the two support acts that I got the pleasure to see, both exuding with talent and were a perfect fit for John Floreani.

- Jack Botts -

From start to finish Jack Botts had an extremely strong voice that came with a lot of energy. It was definitely a more laid back vibe, which was great to sit back, relax and have beautiful music played to you. Almost as if the audience was in a grand serenade. Brisbane based Jack Botts had very well written lyrics and some great songwriting, as it was his first time in Newcastle I was so glad I ended up being able to catch him. He played some songs off his new EP "Gypsy Tapes" which you should definitely give a listen.

- Nancie Schipper -

As more of the crowd arrived, Nancie Schipper was next on the line up. The 19 year old from Regional Victoria was a very fitting artist, bringing an intense voice, beautiful guitar melodies and lyrics to match, she was a pleasure to watch. Her sound is something I’ll be listening to more, proving that she was able to hit high notes perfectly. My favourite part of the set was either her original 'When You Get Home' or her amazing cover of 'I’m Good' by originally sung by Wafia.

- John Floreani -

John Floreani was touring for his debut Album "sin", which I’ve been playing possibly far too much since it was released, so to say I was keen to hear it live would be a pretty big understatement. The wait between sets built up so much more hype, myself and the crowd making it known with a huge roar of excitement as he took to the stage. His hometown headlining show must have felt a bit different to his first ever Newcastle acoustic set, which he explained he played it for a schnitty (yes a chicken schnitzel) and a beer.

The first song of the set was 'Echoes', yet somehow it sounded better than the studio recording so as you could imagine, I was happily blown away. Within the first few words he had the whole crowd singing along. Being the second time I’ve seen a John solo show. I definitely feel like he might like shit talking with the crowd just as much as playing, which I'm more than fine with. The banter was as good as the music, which, if not evident yet, is amazing.

To hear the stories behind the songs was so insightful, finding out where a song that means so much to many, myself included, in such an intimate setting was more than tremendous. 'Oh Brother' was my favourite of the set closely followed by 'I Don't Want To Be Here Either'. Ending the night as strong as he started, with more crowd participation than ever the final song of the set was 'Cleveland Ohio' which left in awe and excited to see him again as soon as possible.

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