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We caught up with Melbourne group Flimsey Lohan, to find out more about their sophomore EP "GooseTape" and other goings-on.

// Can you give us a quick history of Flimsey Lohan and where the name came from? //

We’ve been playing together for a couple years now. Sean, Rhys and I have been friends for ages. Sean met Oli and we all got together for a jam one day and have just kept grinding away.

On the name, over the years a few mates have called me Flimsey for short (shout out Rorey and Macks) for various reasons, mainly due to my lack of coordination in certain situations. I worked at this restaurant as a rat bag dishy a few years ago and one of the chefs started calling me ‘Lohan’ (shout out Todd). When we were coming up with names, I kept pushing to use Flimsey Lohan - so many bands have way to serious names or ones that look like they’ve come straight out of a random band name generator. I don’t think it’s good to take yourself too seriously, people see through your act real quick. Just for the record the Flimsey part doesn’t have anything to do with ED. I swear.

// Where did you draw inspiration from to create 'Love Song'? //

This tracks about my relationship (shout out Brydie). We were going through a real fucked up time recently and nearly broke up. It was pretty hard for both of us, we were fighting all the time and just not getting along. We both really had to have a good look at ourselves and our relationship. In the end we decided that we just couldn’t imagine a future without each other in it. Pretty special to feel like that about someone and for them to feel about you like that. I wrote the rough idea for the beat on my SP-404, then Sean put the finishing touches on it. I sent the lyrics as a text message to my girl to let her know I hadn’t given up on us. Don’t be quick to give up on people you love, life is short and you gotta hold onto the people that mean something to you - even if things aren’t perfect all the time. I think we live in a wack world these days where we want instant gratification, that shits beige as fuck. Real shit takes work.

// What does this new EP 'GooseTape' mean to you? //

We went into the studio last year and recorded 'Westgate Groove', 'No Smoke' & 'Good at Nothing Kids'. The original idea was to release them as a 3 track EP. As time wore on though we really wanted to give the very few people that listen to us a bit more to sit with before we release our next EP (out 2020). Since we have been playing we’ve made a few demos and beat ideas that have been sitting on various hard drives wasting away. "GooseTape" is made up of those ideas. Also, our debut EP "Dolphin Puppy" is pretty rainbow-styling, in the sense that all the songs are pretty happy go lucky and positive. The lyrical content and music on "GooseTape" is a bit darker. I think we all make music for a bit of therapy and this tape is definitely a testament to that. It basically covers a space in time, wedged in that weird place between not wanting to grow up and being an adult. I really don’t want to grow up and become a boring cunt, I wanna stay weird - the "GooseTape" is about all of that. It’s also a bit of a shout out to all the good people that have crossed my path over the years, I hope old friends listen to this and find a piece of you and me amongst it all.

// The biggest set back, and the thing youre most grateful for with regard to your career as a group? //

Ghee, being a hip-hop/jazz fusion band from Melbourne - it’s been a bit of a slog to get people to put us on for shows. We kind of don’t fit in the indie band scene, and we don’t fully fit in the “Melbourne hip-hop scene,” so it that regard the path to where we want to be isn’t exactly clear. However this year has been pretty dope for us, we’ve gotten a bit of love from Triple J unearthed, and local legend Isiaiah Morris who curates New Kids Melbourne has been helping us out for no other reason than that he is a really nice bloke. We have a lot of fun doing this, and I think that’s the most important thing - whether anything comes from it is just a bonus, not the goal.

// What does the live music scene mean to you? //

Pretty proud to be from Melbourne to be honest, the music scene is so diverse and unique - every night of the week there is something going on. Every time you play live, or hit up a show - you never know who you could meet or who could be watching. The people that come to shows are what keeps it alive. We make music for ourselves because its an outlet and its fun, but what keeps you pushing on is the people that watch you play, that's who you really do it for I guess.

//What is your dream local festival line-up, that you could be a part of (of course)? //

Don’t have a dream local festival line up to be honest. If Badbadnotgood came over it’d be fresh to support them as we draw a bit of influence from them. Next year it’d be sick if we got hit up for a festival of some sort, definitely something in our sights.

// Who are some of your biggest influences throughout music, what inspired you to start creating? //

BADBADNOTGOOD, Homeshake, Kiefer, Roy Ayers, Donny Hathaway, Mndsgn.

Damu the Fudgemunk, Clever Austin are all huge influences. My favourite rapper has probably got to be Jehst, when I really started getting into him was about the time I seriously got into writing raps every single day and trying to become good. Also a huge fan of Biggie, Danny Lover and Retch. The list goes on forever but I’ll keep it at that.

// Who are some of your favourite local artists? //

Melbourne has so much going for it at the moment. Huge fan of Dolorres, MAMMOTH, Jimmy Harwood, Surprise Chef, Chicken Wishbone, Nagel all these up and comers have a unique sound and something to say which is dope.


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