Festival: Holloween Hysteria

Date: October 25 2019

Photos: Sean Puxty

I jumped on a plane and travelled all the way to Queensland’s sunny BrisVegas to attend this year’s Halloween Hysteria – a spooky two-day festival organised by the one and only Hysteria Mag. My trip up was pretty cruisy, I got to Sydney airport with minimal sleep and heaps to prepare – none of the less I was super stoked and looking forward to an unforgettable weekend.

There was so much anticipation for this year’s event, they had to match last year’s stellar lineup... seems impossible right? It’s safe to say that this year was a prime example that Hysteria Mag can do no wrong when it comes to throwing a party. Here a glimpse of my two days in the sunshine state.


I was beyond keen to see some familiar faces from my hometown. The start of the set endured some pretty harsh technically difficulties – all to make memories from though, right? Either way they came back and recovered with a fierce set.

Raymond is probably one of the most entertaining front men to watch. His energy is second to none on state and the crowd is definitely absorbed in the performance. Not only is wraiths music a new level of wicked heavy, but to display a strong come back from a minor setback and not even being the slightest pit phased makes for an unforgettable set from Sydney’s Wraith.


I’m not going to be completely bias, but I am a MASSIVE The Gloom In The Corner Fan fan through and through. Mikey has some absolutely powerhouse vocals – screaming “all that’s left is gloom” into the crowd without a microphone, yet filling the room with energy gave me goosebumps! I’m so glad I got to tick this band off my "to see" bucket list, as well as have the opportunity to write about them. As anticipated, the boys opened with their smash single 'Misanthropic' and man, Sherlock Bones got SPOOKY. I have big love for what they do. Such an amazing, high energy performance despite again minor tech difficulties with microphones.


Do you like South Park? Then you’ll remember performance from Dregg on Friday night. With “Cartman” delivering some killer vocals – the music was different from anything already displayed that night. The energy was there and the crowd was absolutely loving it. From the costumes to sneaky jokes about Joe Rogan, this Melbourne band absolutely killed it. I was so quick to add their tracks onto my Spotify playlist. I told myself that I’d discover a new artist and I did, and I’m so glad.


Honest Crooks have been one of my favourite bands for a few years now and on Friday they delivered the heaviest of heavy. I’ve never seen them before but was absolutely blessed to have been in their presence. The slam energy brought to that stage was breathtaking – This is the first time I’ve seen them live with their new vocalist and its safe to say they absolutely killed it. Opening with

'Hellsworths Heaviest' was truly fitting, but honest crooks truly deserved a higher place on this line up.


Justice For The Damned didn’t fail to put on a high energy show. To be completely frank, I feel they should have headlined with the crowd they pulled on such a small stage. The crowd interaction was great – it was truly a “you actually needed to be there to understand how good it was” kind of situation. I love JFTD and seeing them was again up there on my list of bands to see. Definitely would recommend checking them out if you’re a fan of local heavy.


Every phenomenal line up needs a killer headliner – and Dead Letter Circus was there to provide. Finishing the night in utmost class and style, DLC had everyone on their feed and in the palm of their hands. Absolutely fantastic crowd interaction and execution of their songs. The performance was only amplified by literal on stage firework sprinklers which was the icing on the cake for the whole night. The entire Valley Drive In stage was packed to the brim and all for good reason. I don’t usually like DLC’s genre, but this is a serious exception. And just like that, the night ended necks were hurting and bruises were formed.

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