Parkway Drive X ADTR X Simple Creatures X Violent Soho X Simple Plan + More @ Good Things 2019 Sydne

Festival: Good Things Festival

Date: 7th December 2019

Venue: Centennial Park, Sydney

Presented By: Destroy All Lines

Photos: Kyle Burgess

We set out for Good Things 2019 a little differently to last. This time we had a car, with air conditioned comfort. Ah it was lovely. The trip down to Sydney was fairly breezy if I'm honest, not too much traffic at all.

We readied ourselves and slapped on some sunscreen and sunnies, I chose my classic 'speed dealers' as I thought they complemented my Diamond Construct T-shirt and my fresh Hollow World mosh pants. I'd never worn mosh pants before, god was I in for a good mosh.

I was most keen for Violent Soho, Falling In Reverse and Simple Creatures (it would be my first time to ever see Mark Hoppus in person) but honestly, I was just keen to be at Good Things for the second year in a row.

As we walked through Centennial Park and made our way to the front gates we caught up with a bunch of our friends and family from the scene. I was in a good mood and ready for a solid 10 hours of live bands.

After sprinting to one of my personal favourite stoner bands The Bennies I noticed the typical dread crowd and a few other stragglers who seemed to be enjoying a good away and a bit of push moshing. I had to join in for 'heavy disco '

Teeth are a hardcore band from Sydney, they won the local band competition to play on the 5th stage at Good Things. For a local band, they had a solid crowd. By solid I mean at least 150 people. What did these 150 people do? They rowboat moshed. Ya'know when you sit down and row instead of punching. Be like Teeths' crowd. Rowboat mosh.

Jess and Lisa Origliasso are two sisters from Queensland, two sisters who fucking rocked. The Veronica's played their way to our collective hearts, Smashing out '4eva', 'Untouched' and 'In My Blood' as well as a super sick version of 'The Taste Of Ink' featuring none other than Bert McCracken of The Used (It was so unexpected and wholesome). Yes there was a Wall Of Death, no I wasn't in it...

Falling In Reverse are a very divisive band. So many people love to hate them, or rather Ronnie Radke. I got into them hard a few years back and this was my first opportunity to see them live.

As the band took to the stage there was a eruption of applause, Ronnie got on stage and started to sing 'I'm Not A Vampire' to which I assume the band followed. Although we really couldn't hear anything other than the guitar for the first song and a half. It looked like the band were enjoying themselves.

That was until Ronnie figured out there was no sound, calamity ensued and Mr Radke took out his frustrations with the sound issues on the big stack of speakers and the poor little microphone. 'Rolling Stone' sounded really good once they got the issues fixed

Simple Plan are a band that I believe every Australian under the age of 30 listened to while growing up. Singing along to Pierre Bouvier was one thing but seeing him and the rest of the Montreal pop punk band all these years later and still sounding like their recordings from 16 years ago. It absolutely blows me away.

I get that nostalgia was a big part to play but seeing thousands of others singing the words back to staples 'I'm Just a Kid' and 'Addicted'. It was also really rad seeing Erin Reus the vocalist of Stateside get up for 'Jet Lagged'.

Violent Soho are still my favourite band. They have a new album coming out soon that they have worked on with Will Yip. I can't be more keen. I don't think I could have picked a better set list if I tried. 'Like Soda', 'Viceroy', 'Neighbour Neighbour', 'Tinderbox' and even 'Jesus Stole My Girlfriend'

It truly was a night to remember, or rather, A Day To Remember. There in front of my eyes, Frontman Jeremy McKinnon running onto the stage, exuding with excitement.

Performing 'Downfall Of Us All', 'Degenerates', 'Sticks & Bricks' and even '2nd Sucks'. I'm fairly sure the rest of the crowd were loving the set as much as Me. Finally after about an hours worth of deep cuts (even bringing out an acoustic guitar for 'If It Means A Lot To You') the boys finished with 'Panhandle'

Now If you had told me 10 years ago that Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low and Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 would not only form a poppier side project to what they were known for and it be "feel good" music but still "emo" I'd be shook.

As you can imagine, when they both came out on stage I was in awe, Mr Hoppus just meters away from me. Simple Creatures music translates very well live, with the vibe and energy of the duo pulsating throughout the audience. I bopped along super hard to 'Special', 'Thanks, I Hate It' and a wicked cover of Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus'

Parkway FUCKING Drive. If you're a fan of heavy music and haven't heard of parkway by now. You're a poser.

The Byron Bay boys made their way to the stage in what might've been the most elaborate way possible, with scenes akin to something you'd see on Survivor just before someone were to be voted off + hoods. Pushing through the crowd from the back with large torches on fire. This was all being streamed to the huge TV screen beside the stage.

Once the boys got onto the stage, insanity started. The crowd edged closer to the stage as front man Winston McCall gripped the mic and began to end the night.

With pyrotechnics, a rotating drum kit and the full force of Parkway Drive, Centennial Park was on its knees. The vibe was epic although there was At least 1 punch up (moshing is cool but don't be a dick).

By the fourth or fifth song, there was a huge wall of death, I know is expected at a Parkway show but this was something different.

From my experiences in the past two years and the consistently amazing line-ups. Good Things Festival is quickly becoming one of my favourites. But now, who will headline 2020?

#GoodThingsFestival #DestroyAllLines

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