Break Fate // Fire [Single Review]

Song: Fire

Band: Break Fate

Release: Single

Area: UK

Date of release: 28/2/2020

Genre: Pop Punk

Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe

For Fans Of: Transit, Thrice, Misser

“Holding onto hope and everything you believe in, Drains all your energy and leaves you feeling weakened”

I’ve been listening to Break Fate’s first single ‘Miraculous’ on and off for the better part of a year and a half now. It’s on a playlist I have when I’m taking the kid out for a walk or bike ride or when I’m in the kitchen cooking so it pops up regularly and each time I thought, man these guys are awesome I wonder what happened to them. Then BAM out of nowhere I get a message from the lads asking me to review their upcoming single ‘Fire’ from their debut album also titled ‘Fire’.

I was pretty damn excited when it came through and my first listen I was again HOOKED. The song doesn’t fit your standard structure, it more builds upon itself with pumping drum and bass, swirling guitars and layered powerful vocals. I was impressed with the vocals in ‘Miraculous’ but ‘Fire’ elevates them into some truly impressive notes especially at the end after the song builds into a surprisingly beautifully chaotic section which involves double bass, soaring guitars, layered vocals and some lead vocal parts that left me wanting more.

When listening to music the thing I usually connect with the most is the lyrics and Break Fate have done it again. Sure the music is great, the structure is great and the production is good but the lyrics again hooked me. The ending repeated lines of "Don’t be afraid of the dark cause we are all in this together" hit me hard, the lads have a great way of looking at the end and what gets us there but also what is pulling ourselves out of it.

The song is under three minutes so it’s short, punchy and doesn’t wear out its welcome, in fact it leaves you wanting a little bit more and sure as hell has left me wanting this album to drop!

Vocals: 8.5/10

Guitars: 8/10

Bass: 7/10

Drums: 8/10

Lyrics: 5/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 4/5

Mixing: 7/10

Production: 17/20

Structure: 19/20

#BreakFate #Thrice


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