Northlane announce "Alien Deluxe" + New Single

Image: Giulia McGauran

Since releasing their highly anticipated album "Alien" the hype around Northlane and their new record was at a peak, Northlane were back with a story to tell. This was further elaborated on with the release of their documentary / short film titled 'Negative Energy'.

It highlighted the highs and lows of the band since Marcus somewhat turbulent arrival in a time of uncertainty. Shortly after the release of the film, the band were teasing at a new collaboration, which would go on to be 'Enemy Of The Night', a wine series alongside Crowbar.

Fans were keen to note the QR code on the wine and a negative version of what looked like the "Alien" artwork. A few days ago, this QR code now worked, taking you to an unlisted stream of 'Enemy Of The Night' ( it's crazy)

Alongside their new single 'Enemy Of The Night' Northlane have announced "Alien Deluxe" which will release on Friday 31st of July.

"Alien Deluxe" will feature 2x LPs in neon pink including the original version of the album, a full instrumental version and new track 'Enemy Of The Night'. Pre-orders are available now via

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