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Lucas Rizzo // Hell of a Heaven [Single Review]

Song: Hell of a Heaven

Artist: Lucas Rizzo

Area: UK

Date of release: 01/05/20

Genre: Dark Pop

Record Label: Nocturnal Records

For Fans Of: Justin Bieber

"Could run away but I haven't

You're a hell of a heaven"

Lucas Rizzo is back with a definite hit 'Hell Of A Heaven', his first single in two years. Even though we had to wait a while for it to come, it was well worth it.

Following on from the success of 2018's 'Sleeping Beauty', Lucas takes us on an unforgettable adventure with a sound similar to a modern-day Justin Bieber. The vocals are on flying form and they have an edge and quality which we do not hear all that often with artists as fresh in their career as Lucas.

Musically, it is robust and gives Lucas the opportunity to take us deeper into his electronic musical realm. It has a steady rhythm and a dance vibe which pulls us into a new space of energy, drive and atmosphere. As a result, it is hard not to find yourself gripping to this track for dear life with its cool and edgy qualities.

The singer has been exploring and experimenting with his compositions over the past two years. The latest result is a strong, feel-good pulse blended with vocal soaked in emotion. Lyrically, he dwells on the 'Hell Of A Heaven' within a relationship and accomplishes his goal with a smart and poetic angle that results in a perfect match for the instrumentals.

The bizarre but cool thing about this track is that there is no actual chorus, not something you would expect from a song in a genre like this. The lead hook is a synth-laden rhythm with a pounding beat and bold instrumental melody. Could a big vocal chorus have added more to the track? Possibly, but Lucas still manages to get his point across within the verses which makes for a great and innovative songwriting choice.

You can listen to 'Hell Of A Heaven' by Lucas Rizzo and follow him on his social media accounts here:

Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

Vocals: 8/10

Guitars: 7/10

Bass: 6/10

Drums: 7/10

Lyrics: 4/5

Would You Go And See Them Live 5/5

Mixing: 8/10

Production: 15/20

Structure: 15/20

Overall: 80/100

Personal Enjoyment: 9/10

#LucasRIzzo #NocturnalRecords

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