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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

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Melbourne based pop punk band, Terra, have just released an acoustic EP, ''Into Deep Blue'' along with a beautiful new single 'Song for Maddie'. In the band’s words, “These songs, especially our new single “Song for Maddie” come from a place of finding hope through hardship. With everything that is going on in the world now, we felt there isn’t a better tome than now to release this EP.

I caught up with Terra’s Bassist Darcy Leadoux for a chat.

What made you guys decide to put out an acoustic EP?

We decided to drop the acoustic EP because we wanted to have something out there. We felt that it had been awhile since we’ve had some releases. We are working on something, but it’s not quite ready yet. "Into Deep Blue" was a bit of a “Hey, we’re still alive!” type thing.

I think the acoustic songs have turned out really well, I’m a big fan of them myself; I’ll go through and listen to them and be like wow these actually sound sick. I think we will end up doing a lot more of them, but we have something in the works that is definitely back to our normal band roster.

Will we get to hear them at shows?

Yes well 'Song for Maddie' is actually one we wrote while we were gigging and incorporated it into our live shows as an acoustic performance. We are also looking into doing a live stream acoustic set, but nothing confirmed just yet.

So for people that are new to Terra, can you give me a brief history?

It started with Cassie and her friend Liv in high school. They reached out and found a few members, wrote a few songs and did a few gigs. The first EP, 'Wasted Days' they played a sold-out show that went pretty well. Since then we’ve had a couple of line-up changes. We’ve also had some really lucky supports with bands like We the Kings, Skillet, The Maine. We’ve supported a lot of international bands and ended up at a lot of places we never expected to play. Now we’re ramping up to release a full-length EP. It’s been a bit hard in relation to keeping all the plans that we had going but we’re still kicking away as much as we can.

So you’ve got an EP in the works?

Yeah we’ve been chipping away at one for quite a while now. Hopefully, circumstances permitting, later this year we’ll be able to start making a move on that and share what we have been working on with everyone.

Do you guys all write together as a band then?

It’s a little bit fluid how a song will start for us, Cassie may come up with a vocal line or Joey will send me an idea and we have a couple of home studios between us, so we end up doing pre pro ourselves and then everyone can come in and add their little bit, then we can build the song from there. That’s kind of how we write. Everyone has their own little bit to add and we all collaborate in what they are doing because we all know a little bit of every instrument. It’s a huge collaboration process for us.

I saw you guys for the first time at Unify this year on the Thursday night. It was such a chill vibe when you take in to account everything that was going on around us.

Considering it was the first night and all the shit weather that happened around Unify we were so happy with how that gig went. I feel like we got a really good response for the first time doing a festival of that size.

It was really good to see some of the up and coming bands get a really good reception on the Friday night too.

I think the Friday night was the highlight of the weekend for me. It was so good to see the smaller bands have such a fantastic crowd.

Yeah I’d have to agree with you actually. I feel like I had the most fun on that night. There was just something about that night that made it so good.

What was the first big gig you attended?

BMTH and Pierce the Veil. I was very much in to PTV but unaware of the whole scene culture at the time, so I turned up in jeans and a shirt and there were all these emos everywhere and I was like woah!!

What bands inspire you guys?

It’s funny because we all have very different inspirations. For me I am a really big prog fan, Periphery is one band I listen to. Cassie likes rocky stuff but sometimes she’ll listen to show tunes or the Hannah Montana soundtrack and that sort of thing. Joey's a very blues type guy, Sean is more into classic metal and a lot of guitar solo stuff and Darcy is a little bit of everything but mainly metal.

We all have very different influences so it’s a matter of bringing all those together and finding something that works.

I find that interesting, from talking to other bands too, I’ve always assumed that what you play would be what you listen to. I’m finding this not the case at all!

Honestly, before I joined Terra I was not a pop-punk fan and it’s not something I would have even really considered listening to, it wasn’t really my style. Now I’ve been playing in a pop-punk band for the last 2 years! So yeah I find that interesting as well. I went through a phase of listening to 1940’s jazz and big band stuff. There’s so much inspiration to draw on from so many different places.

We recently discovered a UK band called Wallflower who have recently dropped a full length and they are kind of like a 'UK dark rock style' band and there’s something about their releases that I find super unique so recently I’ve just been jamming them and getting into their sound. There’s something about it that I can’t quite describe.

I’ve been jamming Sleep Token since they released "Sundowning".

That full length is incredible. The drummer in that band OMG!! Sleep Token is definitely a favourite for me. I remember 'Jaws' came up in a Spotify playlist or a recommended song and I remember listening to it and as soon as I listened to it I pulled over and turned my car off and listened to it again straight away thinking 'Wow. It’s been so long since a song has stopped me in my tracks and made me go WOAH!'

If you guys got the chance to choose your festival line up who would some of the band be that you would want to play with?

Yours Truly would be obligatory, we are very good mates with them and a lot of bands that we already play with like Tapestry and Redhook, Aussie bands like that. It would be really fun to just have a night like that where everyone is getting along, and the music is a bonus on top of that. I think touring is going to take off on another level when everything gets back in the swing, people are going to be hungry for that sort of stuff that they may have taken for granted before.

We had a few shows booked with Eat Your Heart Out that we had to cancel right at the start of this so it will be good to catch up on all the missed gigs.

I have to agree there about catching up on missed gigs!

Into Deep Blue is out now on all platforms:

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