Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club announce 7" Record Series - Amanaki X Drastic Park

It's not often a band of people get together and release music, even less often on wax and within 8 months of the inception of the project.

But alas, that's exactly what Michael "Piky" White and Jacob Crawley have done, no they don't play instruments (that I'm aware of) they are in the business of publishing tasty 7" records and more under the banner "Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club"

When the news broke via the AVVC Parmoposting Facebook group, their entire community lost their minds. Some were even speculating whether or not coloured 7" were already available. If you know you know.

And here comes the announcement, very first ever AVVC release is a super sick, super limited piece of wax pressed right here in Australia. Which features two very different bands.

Black is limited to /50

Pink is limited to /100

Melbourne's pop punk / meme machine (I swear the press release referred to them as such) Drastic Park consisting of John Stokes, Chris Tannahill and Joe Larwood. with their debut single from back in 2019 "Bother Me"

On the flip side of the 7inch will house none other than April Haines, Jared Kerr, Jethro and Ethan "New Music Ethan" with their New Zealand Hardcore outfit Amanaki. Both ‘Exit Wounds’ and ‘Home (ft. Chris Lawson’) tracks from their 2019 EP "Engrafted" are for the first time being pressed to wax. Hot tip - 'Home' is actually the intro music to the AVVC Podcast.

This first release will be on sale on the AVVC store from 4pm Friday October 16. For more information click here

Also just quietly, Any bands who are interested in appearing on future releases are encouraged to get in touch with the lads

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