Through It All // Peace Keeper [Video Review]

Sydney based Hardcore band Through It All have hit us with a banger of a single titled 'Peace Keeper', which released earlier this month. Personally it reminds me a fair bit of classic hardcore like Carpathian for example, a real track with attitude.

Through It All is a culmination of a few different bands (Path of Victory and Below Oceans to name a few, from Newcastle, Sydney and Central Coast from the past decade, with each member bringing a new flavour to the table.

'Peace Keeper' is their sophomore track showcasing a more aggressive yet refined style. lyrically it's formed from frontman Sean Kerwins' past as an Australian Defense Force member, echoing some of the more recent tribulations as well as trying to look forward to a better future for all. Even breaking into an eerier spoken word-esque section midway through.

"Peace keepers We hold you to your name Born from flag to flesh I hope you find your peace Peace keeper we hold you to your name"

Sonically it's pretty good Hardcore with dashes of Metalcore throughout. The music video which was filmed by CN Media, captures the band playing in an abandoned shed, keeping it fairy minimalist although periodically circulating through a few different shots of the members on their own and letting the music speak where it needs to.

The boys will be playing their debut show near Wollongong alongside Heartsick and Spectre in March and plan to shred their way around Australia in the coming months.

Keep up to date with Through It All on their Socials and Spotify.

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