Scumdrops // Suns Out // Guns Out

Scumdrops // Suns Out // Guns Out

September 2, 2017


Song: Suns Out // Guns Out
Band: Scumdrops
Album: Suns Out (EP)
Location: Newcastle
Release Date: 18 January 2017
Genre: Garage Punk
Reviewer: Charlie-Anne Bailey
For Fans Of: The Clash, The Beach Boys


Scumdrops are a 3 piece garage punk band from Newcastle. They released their EP ‘Suns Out’ on the 18th of January earlier this year. The EP features 3 tracks, ‘$25’, ‘Estevez’ and ‘Sun Out // Guns Out’. The overall feel of the EP is very punk rock and made me feel like I probably should have been listening to it with friends on a road trip to the beach rather than in my room alone.


Suns Out // Guns Out was probably my favorite track off the EP. It is currently almost 10pm and I have feel this strong urge to get to a beach, probably because the lyrics kept insisting that is where I should go. The song had a very interesting 1940’s surfie kind of sound that blended really well with classic punk tones creating a very unique and interesting overall sound, as if The Clash and The Beach Boys had a lovechild. It was very catchy and quite quickly went from a song that I wouldn’t have thought about listening to if it wasn’t for this review to a song that I genuinely enjoyed. 100% will be added to my road trip playlist.


Vocals 8/10
Guitars 7/10
Bass 8/10
Drums 7/10
Production 7.5/10
Lyrics 5/10
Songwriting 7/10
Personal Enjoyment 6/10



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