September 28, 2017

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As We Fall are a new band on the scene, but they’ve been busier than most carving out a solid following and getting their music to the level they are at now. I’ve been lucky enough to catch the As We Fall lads live, and play with them a couple of times too and I’ve already seem the leaps and bounds they have improved and can’t wait to see how much they will continue to grow. Now I’ve been even luckier to dive deep into their thoughts and get to the bottom of what makes them, the great lads they are.



//Can you give us a brief history of the band and releases?//

We have been a band for a year, starting as a 3-piece band and growing to 5. It began with John on drums, Jarrod on guitar and vocals, and Nick on bass. About a week later, Dylan joined the band as our lead vocalist, learning the lyrics to our songs the night of our first gig. We played in a battle of the bands and made it to the finals. About 8 months later, we met Luis. He brought a whole new element to our band as a second guitarist, changing both the way we wrote music and played our gigs. We don’t have any formal releases yet as we have been focusing on getting our songs down 100% and having a blast performing gig after gig. However, we are working on our first EP and hope to release before the end of the year.

//How did the band originate?//

Jarrod and Nick went to school together and had been jamming together for a few years before the band started. Nick and John met at TAFE and it was love at first sight, so John asked to meet up and jam with the guys. A few months later, Nick and John started a Diploma of Music together where they met Dylan. After getting to know each other through performing TAFE assignments together, Dylan decided to join the band. Months later, John received a text from his neighbour Luis, asking about joining the band. We asked him to come to rehearsal to see what he was like, and it didn’t take long for us to see his talent and ask him to join the band.

//What's the first band who made you love music?//

Nick – Blink 182
Dylan – Weezer, Arctic Monkeys
Jarrod – A Day To Remember
John – Linkin Park
Luis - Metallica

//Who inspires you to make music now?//

Nick – Neck Deep, ADTR
Dylan – Pat Matheeny
Jarrod – Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes
John – The Story So Far, Travis Barker
Luis - Plini, Between The Buried and Me

//What are some of the most important things you have learnt while being together?//

Everyone in the band is there for a love a music, and even though our interests are from different genres or backgrounds, it's important to bring ideas together with the goal of coming up with the As We Fall sound that is unique to us. - Luis

//How do you view your band now as opposed to when you started?//

We have progressed a lot from since we started, in every aspect. Seeing us from where we started, and to where we are now, makes me less sceptical about being successful in the music industry. - John

//What's your favourite venue to play?//

Factory Floor. - Dylan

//Can you explain what goes on during the writing process?//

Basically, one of us will come to practice with some ideas for a riff or a drum beat, we’ll jam it until we like the flow, and then refine and perfect it. Either Nick or myself will then go through the banks of lyrics we have, or will try to write some new stuff to suit it. - Jarrod

//Can you explain the recording process you go through?//

When we first started out we recorded all of our jam sessions, finding bits and pieces that we want to turn into songs. Once we had the songs written and finalised, we record our demos, recording drums first, following with bass, guitar and vocals. - Nick

//What does the scene mean to you?//

Although I'm new to the scene I feel like the Australian scene is small and close. Everyone knows each other to a point and a lot of bands just want to play with friends of other bands for fun. It feels like a big community, which is awesome. - Luis

//If you could change one thing about the scene, what would it be?//

People being more open to just coming to random shows and having a fun time, starting pits and just being idiots with us. - Jarrod

//What song means the most to you?//

Our song ‘Alone’ means the most to me. The lyric ‘I’ll never stop fighting until the day that I die’ is one of the favourites I have ever written. – Nick

//What's your favourite song to play live?//

Either Waste My Time or Alone, Two of our heavier songs. Jarrod and Luis

//Why do you play music?//

I’ve always wanted to play music because I’m very passionate about creating art that has the potential to change lives. - John

//Would you encourage people watching this to start bands?//

Yeah for sure, being in the band is the greatest thing in my life. - John

//What advice do you have for new bands?//

Practice all the time, play wherever you can, and make friends with the other bands you meet. - Nick

//How important is it to network with other bands?//

Very Important - Dylan

What is djent?

Smelly - Dylan 


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