Dinners With Dan #9 - The Final Countdown 3/4

Dinners With Dan #9 - The Final Countdown 3/4

December 24, 2017


Hey, so this week I'm looking at my favourite tracks that just rocked this year.

The Rock genre is hard to define. So i'll define it as - not punk, hip hop or metal cause i am covering them all separately. The Aussie scene in general has been great this year and the rock section has had me dropping salvia from both corners of my mouth.

Here we go, in no particular order:

Speakeasy // Dream Boy- SOLID TUNE SOLID TUNE. I reviewed this track earlier so i'll keep it short and sweet (just like the track) if you haven't heard this yet, pull your head in mate and get around it ey.


Dear Seattle // Afterthought-  HUGE year for the Dear Seattle lads and this track kicked it off for them. It's a true head nodder and crowd pleaser. From the souring chorus to the relatable lyrics, whats not to love about it? Well done lads, it's all downhill from here! 


Hatakaze // Heavy Heart-  MATE Hatakaze have been making some serious waves of late which is a testament to the tracks they have dropped so far (hanging for more, guys). They are playing with Gyroscope (BABY I'M GETTING BETTER!!) next year and that's massive and well deserved. Crunching guitars, catchy melodies and a Jimmy Eat World inspired vibe, it's hard not to love the track!


Tired Lion // Dumb Days-  I'll be honest. When I first heard Tired Lion I was kind of like... ye, it's ok. But then I heard 'Dumb Days' and I went ... fuck ye, this is more then ok, this is a banger. I love the vocals on the track and the whole vibe of it is killer. High recommend from this old bugger.


Maps to Eden // Ghosts- The lads at Maps dropped a huge album this year. A huge album that was so dense and well made I'm surprised it didn't get noticed half as much as it should have. Ghost is a top track, but it's hard to pick out just the one but for the sake of this i'll leave it with Ghost. Check it out and check them out, do it as a favour for your god damn ears, mate.



So that's it for this week. I'm super tired from the Christmas time hustle and bustle so sorry if i didn't go into as much depth as usual, but all these songs fucking speak for themselves so give em a spin, you will not regret it.



Nostalgic track of the week:


MxPx // Tomorrow's Another Day


Local track of the week:


Luca Brasi // How To Make Gravy



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