Better Half // Rest Your Head [Video Review]

Better Half // Rest Your Head [Video Review]

June 1, 2018

Song: Rest Your Head
Better Half
Release: Rest Your Head (Single)
Area: Melbourne
Date Of Release: April 18, 2018
Genre: Alt-Rock
Reviewer: Alex O’Neill
Record Label: Resist Records
Mix/Master: Chris Vernon
Videographer: Daniel Marinakis
FFO: Real Friends, Ambleside, Foxblood, Parting Ways


"Everything whithers and everything dies, How long will it be before we’re fading away?
Everything whithers and everything dies, I’m not okay, you’re not okay, and that’s just fine"


Melbourne based Alt-Rock band Better Half are back with a killer new track, making their presence more than known! Personally, I’ve been a fan of this band for about a year now and was more than ready for new music but what I got was more than anything I could have wished for!

The new single 'Rest Your Head' blessed our ears when it first premiered on Short.Fast.Loud. The amount of people on all my social media platforms posting about this track in one day  was insane. The music video was filmed by the extremely talented Daniel Marinakis completely in black and white with split frame shots that I personally have never seen in a music video before so it was awesome to see something that in my eyes was simple and fresh.

The entirety of the music video comes off simple at first viewing but so hypnotising and enticing and fits so damn well with the lyrics! The lyrical content in this song is so pure and so heartfelt, mixed in with the raw energy and emotions clear in the clip, you can’t help but be taken back by the authenticity of the whole package.

Overall, I’m in love with the simple, empowering, thought provoking, heartfelt nature of this clip and can’t wait for the rest of the album; "Maybe I Was Wrong" is out now!



Vocals: 9/10
Guitars: 8.5/10
Bass: 9/10
Drums: 9/10
Lyrics: 5/5

Video Narrative: 9/10
Video Production: 19/20
Video Effectiveness: 23/25

Overall: 92.5/100
Personal Enjoyment: 10/10

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