Mauvais // BEHIND THE BAND - Interview W/ Jaycob Page

Mauvais // BEHIND THE BAND - Interview W/ Jaycob Page

February 25, 2019

Photo by Steven Cook

//Can you give me a brief history of the band?//

Mauvais began around the start of 2017 and came together slowly as we pieced together members. This is one of the reasons as to why we took so long to release music, but we also wanted to release quality and we were more than happy to take our time writing our debut release. The band formed around our guitarist Ben and myself (Jaycob/Vocalist). From there we got Adan and that is when things really took shape. We’ve battled through member changes and aimed to come out swinging, playing shows and travelling where viable to get our name out, make new friends, create new memories and we’ve enjoyed every second of it.

//You released 'Frail Words' earlier in 2018, how has that been received by fans?//

The EP seems to have been received well, we’ve received not only compliments but a lot of constructive criticism from friends in bands that we are close to e.g. Michael of Gravemind, Matias from I, Valiance, Nathan from 23/19 etc. Show wise, crowds continue to grow, more people are moshing, and more people are yelling the words back at me which never fails to make my night. Overall, I’d say we are extremely happy with this response and we can’t wait to release more music soon.

//What does the EP mean to you guys?//

The EP to me is about some tough times I went through mentally and the thoughts and feelings those times provoked. I also outline some of the negative behaviours I was apart of or negative behaviours acted out towards me. There are a lot of references to anxiety throughout and for me this EP has been a way to release a lot of what I had built up inside me and stop myself from overthinking the past which I can’t change. There’s a lot of regret, guilt and sorrow that has gone into the release also.

//What is your favourite song off the EP?//

'Youth' is my personal favourite. I love the main riff, I love the two step, the breakdowns but also lyrically I felt I had a lot to say on this track. Listening back is always a mix of emotions.

//Can you explain what goes on in your writing process?//

Majority of the writing process is Adan and Ben bouncing riffs off each other, Marcus and myself get more involved during the review process and from there we get together to fine tune our end results. Lyrically the EP consists of quite a few lyrics I wrote during high school and changed or adapted to fit. I’d write on bus rides or jot things down in my phones notes whenever a lyric idea occurred in my lizard brain. Outside that, I log ideas in my phone and bring them out as the instrumentals take shape.

//How do you think Mauvais have grown as a band?//

I think we’ve grown closer and tighter as a band, we’ve been through a lot of change and a few other tough decisions that have always brought us closer together. These experiences have also given us the ability to speak up when we need to and have the others listen. I’d say we all have high levels of respect for one and other and we are more of a family than just a band.

//You had a big 2018 tour wise, Supporting the Wraith: Artificial Bloom Tour and Takedown Fest among other gigs. How was that? How is touring different to playing gigs at home?//

Getting on the road is always fun, I enjoy the time in the van currently. The delirious conversations that occur never fail to put a smile on my face or hurt my sides. Outside that playing to new faces and meeting new people is always a plus to me. Making one new fan at any given show is the goal and having people look forward to seeing us play just blows my mind. The tour itself was incredible, Raymond put the whole thing together and we got to share the experience with a whole heap of friends for example I’ve known The Gloom in The Corner boys for years now and we are very close with 23/19, Wraith are newer friends but we all clicked from the get go. I’d say the tour shows differ from home just in the way that our very faithful friends aren’t there causing a ruckus, outside that we try to bring an energy and vibe that transfers to where we are playing.

//Any tips for other bands trying to get onto a tour?//

Reach out and make friends. Show your support for other Australian bands, buy their merch, listen to their music, roll out to their shows when they pass by. For me, personally, I’ve looked up to people for years that I now call friends who have been doing this all for a lot longer than I have and building the connections in this way has been so much more genuine. From there chat and interact, in this scene we are all bound to have some stuff in common, after all we all have a very similar goal too and that’s playing music as much as possible. Just yeah, be yourself, be genuine and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. If someone puts you down just because you want to work hard and be successful, are they worth your time past that point?

//How supportive are the other bands in the Adelaide scene of each other? And how important is it to network with them?//

I feel as if the Adelaide scene in recent times has been coming together a lot more, everyone has been great to us and so supportive of our music and shows. I think this has come from years of being a fan in the scene and making friends genuinely, I can’t say we’ve had to network with people since we are in a band and we need them to get us shows or exposure, we have just actually loved making new friends and the rest kind of just falls into place from there. I always want to be true to myself, I love this music, I love the people involved and together we can create something really cool I feel. It’s already started and it’s only growing.

//You’ve also just done some guest vocals for Anticlines new release 'Paranoia Cycle', how did this come about and can we expect more guest appearances?//

Well Jerry Chard of Honest Crooks who featured on 'Frail Words' introduced me and the guys to Anticline via a Facebook link. I listened to a song or two, liked the band page and added Dylan the vocalist of Anticline. We chatted on and off about music, behind the scenes, daily life stuff too and as their EP took shape I got the offer to record the guest vocals. Again, it just came together real naturally, they sent me the lyrics and the track, I added the last line to it, recorded, sent it back and they loved it.

I’ve also featured on the Brainfreeze track ‘Still Guilty’ off their 'BANE' EP, which I recommend checking out too. This one came about after jumping up to perform with them live a few times, from there I got the offer to come to the studio which I’d never done as Adan has always recorded me and I jumped at it. They loved my voice and were easy to work with, letting me hold the note at the end of the song for almost as long as I could, it was just a lot of fun.

I have one more guest appearance done at the moment and that is for our split with Wraith from Sydney you’ll hear me on one of their tracks and I personally think the contrast compliments quite well.

//Favourite venue you have played and favourite song to perform live?//

I personally loved the Last chance Rock and Roll bar show, we got put in the front bar on the floor, the crowd was in my face, it was intimate and small, the energy was high and it for now takes the cake on my top spot. My favourite song to play live is 'Manipulator'. It sits second in our set and is quite an angry song for me, so it fills me with emotion and energy for the rest of the set.

//Who are the bands that inspire you?//

I take a lot of inspiration from bands like Of Mice and Men’s older releases I think Austin Carlile conveyed a lot of emotion but over the past few years I’ve really been drawn to bands such as Varials, Justice for the Damned, Alpha Wolf, Honest Crooks, Daybreak, Kublai Khan and Knocked Loose. All these bands are heavy and full of energy, they are all in my constant rotation and have been for quite some time. I really appreciate the Australian talent I’ve listed above, and they are all bands I look up to.

//If you could change one thing about the scene what would it be?//

For me I’d want to change negative behaviours like exclusion, I think we are all in this together and rejecting people based on their looks, or background, sexual orientation etc. is despicable. I don’t think we have all to be everyone’s best friends, but I think we can treat each other with respect to help our music scene grow and blossom.


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