Alaina // Homebound [EP Review]

Alaina // Homebound [EP Review]

October 16, 2018



Band: Alaina
Release: Homebound EP
Area: Brisbane
Date of release: 13/10/2018
Genre: Rock
Reviewer: Daniel Balcombe
For Fans Of: Bullet For My Valentine, Deaf Havana,



Alaina have just dropped their debut EP and it's safe to say the lads know what they are doing and are doing it quite well. Their EP is filled with soaring vocals, riffing guitars, pounding drums and bass and melodies left right and centre.

The EP kicks off with 'Rain' and the soaring vocals set the tone for what is to come. I got a real Bullet For My Valentine sound off them - minus the screaming and more trash metal parts. I was impressed throughout the EP with the tracks and the way they were put together. 'I am not a Freak'  which Byron checked it out back when it was released had to be my favourite track on the EP, from the opening Metal sound, to the stop starting riffs throughout, lead licks and soaring vocals it's easy to see why they dropped this as a Single. The breakdown in the middle is badass! All the tracks feel like they come from the same band, but also are varied enough to keep the 5 track EP leaving you wanting a little bit more, especially 'Lay Your World On Me' , which is always a good thing. I'm pretty interested to see how these lads get on and how this EP can help them really find their place in this Aussie scene.


My only real criticism is that the vocals tend to drown out the instruments, this could well be my headphones but at times I felt like I couldn't actually hear the instruments as the vocals hit the higher screamed notes, but in saying that, the vocalist has one hell of a voice. Going for notes that Axl would be proud of. I would have also enjoyed a bit more backing vocals here and there adding in layers to certain chorus and the more melodic parts. But I can't fault the lads musically, they know what they are doing and each member nails their parts and they CAN write a catchy ass tune.

Overall the EP is packed with "Radio Friendly Rock" (I hate that term but ya get me) that is based on great musicianship, soaring vocals, emotional lyrics and well crafted songs that fit the formula of "Radio Friendly Rock" but also adds in enough flavour to make the Lads stand out form your run of the mill bands. When they take on the more 'Metal' sound I dug them more, but I also appreciated how they sprinkled it in the songs and changed things up a bit. The final track 'Illuminate (Wash Me Away)' is a great example of the metal influence that is just itching past the surface of their more "Radio Friendly Rock"'. It's a great debut EP from a band I will be keeping my eyes and ears on to see where this will take them.


Spotify - Soundcloud - Bandcamp

Vocals: 8.5/10
Guitars: 8/10
Bass: 7/10
Drums: 8/10
Lyrics: 3/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 3.5/5
Mixing: 6/10
Production: 16/20
Structure: 17/20

Overall 77/100
Personal enjoyment: 7/10


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