Forsaker // Rotten Mind Ft. Alex Teyen [Single Review]

Forsaker // Rotten Mind Ft. Alex Teyen [Single Review]

January 26, 2019


Song: 'Rotten Mind'
Band: Forsaker (feat. Alex Teyen)
Area: East Coast, Australia
Date of release: 31/12/2018
Genre: Groove/Deathcore
Record Label: Independent
For Fans Of: Black Tongue, Justice For The Damned, Alpha Wolf, Sworn In


"Why bother counting sheep?
I've faced the facts
I'll never fucking sleep"

To be honest, this is probably the heaviest debut release from a brand new band I have ever heard.

I'm going to compare this song to a dryer, it just drags you in to a fast-paced vortex of insanity and then just stops before you realise what the hell just happened.

The vocals are just raw and brutal and really give the song a sense of... almost DREAD. And the fact that Alex Teyen of Black Tongue guested, is absolutely phenomenal. Like always, he totally killed it. The guitar and bass work is excellent! Relatively typical and technically not that innovative, but it works well and has a good number of brutal riffs that seem to emerge out of nowhere. That, accompanied with the aggressive drumming, steer the song in a direction of absolutely crushing heaviness. The structure of the song is quite interesting, it flows almost continuously without stopping, delivering of riffs and drum patterns come to halt after the insanely low final breakdown. Overall, this debut shows us that heavier bands are still a thing in Australia. Metal fans that aren't huge on the melodic Metalcore craze that is sweeping the East Coast may have something they could be into. That's respectable.

Best of luck to this terrifying collective!



Vocals: 9/10
Guitars: 8/10
Bass: 8/10
Drums: 7.5/10
Lyrics: 10/10

Would You Go And See Them:  5/5
Mixing:  8.5/10
Production: 18/20
Structure: 17/20
Overall :77.5/100

Personal Enjoyment: 6/10


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