Shane Mead // Desperation Ave [Music Video Review]

Shane Mead // Desperation Avenue [Music Video Review]

May 20, 2019

Song: Desperation Avenue
Artist: Shane Mead
Release: Broken Hearts
Area: Brisbane
Date of release: 17/05/2019
Genre: Pop-Rock/Indie
For Fans Of: Alex lloyd, Ace Enders, Third Eyed Blind, Live, Powderfinger



'Open up your heart to me, to find so much more to see'

Did I just step back into the later 90's early 2000's?! WOW. Brisbane artist Shane Mead, has just released the official music video for lead single from his 5 track EP "Broken Hearts". The visuals show Shane playing an acoustic guitar in a stripped back and raw environment affront brickwork, this is interlaced with closeups and a narrative showing Shane walking though a desolate avenue and eventually meeting a woman. 

I gotta say right off the bat, NOSTALGIA!! I loved this track, I really did. It took me back to the days when music was all about emotion, melody and the songwriting. Back when bands wouldn't be afraid to write love songs that seemed cliche' but in truth were strung together with melodies and great structure.

Shane has hit the nail on the head for me. I've always been a bit accustomed to the 'love ballad' especially from bands from the late 90's like Live, Lifehouse, Matchbox 20 you name it, I dug it. This track brings me right back to those days.

The structure of the track isn't going to break boundaries or change music, but it is going to feel like getting into a warm bed. From the acoustic guitar, to the strung out lead notes to the soothing vocal melodies, the track just works on every level.

The harmonies in the chorus just made me smile. The lyrics may seem somewhat cheesy, but on closer inspection they are put together in a such a great melodic way it's hard not to hum along. There is a nice little guitar solo thrown in which rounds out the track perfectly to the final chorus where Shane goes in with 100% emotion and conviction.

I'm really impressed by this track, but I know it won't be for everyone. It won't be for the people who dig heavy, intricate music and bands. BUT it will hit home with the people who enjoy easy listening, pop rock that you don't need to pay a great deal of attention to, but when you do it hits you even harder.

Hats off to Shane, he is a SONGWRITER. There is no two ways about it. From the melodies, to the chord progressions, he knows exactly what he is doing and he does it very well. The track brought me back to my early teens, may have not been his mission but he sure made me smile and remember times when music wasn't so political and such a 'statement', but more about catchy melodies and sing along tunes.






Vocals: 8/10
Guitars: 6/10
Bass: 6/10
Drums: 6/10
Lyrics: 4.5/5

Would You Go And See Them (WYGAST) 4.5/5

Mixing: 7/10
Productions: 15/20
Structure: 18/20

Overall 88/100

Personal Enjoyment: 9/10


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